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See Your Results Before Your Surgery — Crisalix.

There is always some anxiety heading into a plastic surgery procedure. What will my breast augmentation look like afterward? Will I be happy with this size implant? You can look at all the before-and-after photos available, but you’ll always wonder what the changes will look like on your body.

Now you can see them before you even schedule a procedure with Crisalix 3D, a worldwide leading plastic surgery 3D imaging technology, at Dr. Fisher’s office.

What is Crisalix?

The Crisalix imaging system provides our patients with a very accurate simulation of what they will look like after their cosmetic procedure with Dr. Fisher. Crisalix creates 3D simulations based off of photographs taken of the actual patient, rather than a generic computer-generated image. Because Crisalix uses the patient’s body as the basis for the changes, the patient has a realistic vision of what their results will look like.

How Does Crisalix Generate 3D Images?

During your consultation with Dr. Fisher, we use a 3D camera to capture a series of images of your body, focusing on the desired area. We upload the images into the Crisalix system, and the imaging software generates a 3D image of you. From that starting point, Dr. Fisher can then input the specifics of your potential procedure, such as the size and projection of breast implants, and the Crisalix software shows what your results will look like after recovery.

The Crisalix system allows our patients to see themselves virtually during their consultation, giving them a much more accurate idea of what a procedure will look like afterward. This is because the system uses images of the patient’s body as its basis. An available web app also allows patients to share their 3D images with a partner, friends, or relatives to gain more feedback.

How is Crisalix 3D Surgery Simulator Used?

We currently use Crisalix for breast augmentation procedures but we plan on expanding our capabilities to numerous other procedures.

Why Is Crisalix Helpful for Patients?

These are some of the ways Crisalix changes your consultation at Dr. Fisher’s office:

  • Crisalix 3d imaging | Breast Augmentation Palo Alto CAIt uses your body — Crisalix doesn’t use a generic simulation; it uses the patient’s actual body for simulations.
  • It provides peace of mind — Crisalix allows patients to accurately see what their results will look like.
  • Trying different options is easy — The system gives the patient the opportunity to “demo” different sizes, projections, etc.
  • Compare “before-and-after” images before — Crisalix gives patients “before-and-after” images before they even schedule a surgery. We can place the images side by side to allow the patient to visualize results.
  • See from all angles — Before-and-after images are limited by their presentation, usually from the front. Crisalix allows the patient to see simulations from all angles, easily rotating the simulations.
  • Access to your results — Crisalix is a web-based system, so patients can access their simulated results on their phones or home computers.

How Realistic Are the Breast Augmentation Simulations?

While the images are still simulations, Dr. Fisher feels they are quite accurate. The possibility of seeing different sizes and types of implants on your own body is quite impressive. Obviously, they cannot perfectly simulate how your surgery will turn out, but Crisalix is a huge advance over comparing before-and-after images of other people.

Is There an Extra Charge for Crisalix?

Crisalix imaging is included as part of your consultation.

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