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Millions of Americans are affected by persistent or recurrent acne. This problem accounts for the majority of dermatological consultations in our country, and also for billions of dollars spent on products and medications. Clearly, acne is an issue for which suitable, long-lasting solutions are needed. The recent development of laser therapies for acne has been an important step for doctors and their patients. We are proud to offer one of the gentlest, most efficient acne laser treatments available today.
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What Is The Aerolase Laser?

The Aerolase laser is a great tool for addressing many dermatologic conditions. It’s great for treating acne.

What Is The Lightpod Neo by Aerolase?

The Lightpod Neo is one of several lasers developed by Aerolase, a leader in laser technology. This device platform utilizes the 1064 nanometer laser energy that is highly-valued for its safety and efficacy. Moreover, this device has been built around 650 Microsecond Technology™. This technology maximizes the energy output of the device while simultaneously minimizing the aggressiveness of each treatment. This is achieved by delivering energy in 650-microsecond pulses, the quickest there are at the moment.

Candidates For Lightpod Neo Acne Treatment

The 650 Microsecond Technology of the Lightpod Neo makes this device ideal for treating acne on all skin types and tones, even darker skin. This is because the rate of laser pulses is so fast that the risk of hyper- and hypopigmentation is virtually eliminated. Lightpod treatment can be performed on active acne as well as old acne scars. It is important to alert our office if you suspect you may be pregnant or if you have used Accutane in the past six months.

Benefits Of The Aerolase Laser Treatment

The Aeroloase laser has many benefits including

  • The results are great
  • There is no downtime
  • It is very well-tolerated
  • It is great for all skin types

Is The Aerolase Treatment Painful?

One of the objectives around which the Lightpod Neo device was built is comfort. Patients of all ages find the treatment very tolerable. No anesthetic is necessary because the 650-microsecond pulses are so fast that absorbed energy feels like nothing more than mild warmth.

Acne Treatment with Aerolase

The Aerolase® Light Pod Neo® laser works without ever touching the skin. Before beginning the laser procedure, we cover the eyes with protective shields. Hair is held back in a comfortable headband. While the patient lies comfortably on the treatment table, we pass the laser applicator over the skin from a few inches away. As the applicator moves, the device platform emits laser energy that targets the bacteria that have accumulated in the sebaceous glands and surrounding tissue. The energy that gets absorbed destroys bacteria with heat and also stimulates collagen production that eases the inflammation that has resulted from acne. This can provide immediate relief for some patients.

Treatment is typically completed in less than 15 minutes. Multiple treatment areas can be addressed in one visit.

How Many Laser Treatments Are Required?

During our initial consultation, we may be able to estimate the number of treatments needed based on the current severity of acne. Generally, it takes 4 to 6 initial treatments to achieve optimal results. Maintenance continues to be important to keep acne flare-ups from recurring. Maintenance includes good skin care and dietary habits and may also include medication or periodic laser treatments to prevent bacteria and oil from accumulating in the pores.

How Soon After Treatment With The Lightpod Neo Will I See Results?

While laser energy immediately kills the bacteria that have been causing visible acne, it can take up to 8 weeks to see a significant improvement in the skin. In some cases, the condition may worsen slightly before it gets better. Our team works with each patient to establish a skin care protocol that will minimize this risk as much as possible. Most patients begin to feel and see a difference in their skin right away.

Will the Lightpod Neo Also Get Rid of Acne Scars?

Yes. The Lightpod can be used to clear up active acne, prevent future breakouts, and also improve the appearance of acne scarring including pockmarks and cratering. This is possible because laser energy absorbed during treatment superheats the water content in the dermis, thereby stimulating collagen. Collagen is the protein that is involved in healing wounds and supporting resilient skin.

How Soon After Laser Treatment Can I Wear Makeup?

Makeup can be safely applied immediately after treatment if desired. Because acne-prone skin can be more sensitive, patients may benefit from going makeup-free simply so the skin can breathe more freely. In addition to makeup, skin care products and acne medication can also be used right after Lightpod laser treatment.

Side Effects Of The Aerolase Treatment

After Lightpod Neo treatment, patients should expect redness in the skin that improves gradually over a few hours or a few days. Redness tends to be the only side effect of this gentle treatment, and it does not interfere with normal activities.

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