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Buttocks Resurfacing Palo Alto CAEveryone has heard of laser skin resurfacing for facial skin. These procedures deliver laser energy through the epidermis into the dermis where it triggers new collagen production. You may not have heard of the same treatment for your backside. Dr. Fisher offers laser buttocks resurfacing to firm up the skin on the buttocks. She also combines buttocks resurfacing with a surgical butt lift or a fat transfer to add skin tightening to these procedures.

What Is Buttocks Resurfacing?

As our bodies age, we produce one percentage point less collagen every year after our 20th birthday. Add that up and at 50, we’re producing 30 percent less collagen. Since collagen is responsible for providing the structural support for our skin, keeping it firm and taut, this decrease allows the skin to sag. Everyone thinks of this on the face, but it happens everywhere — including our buttocks.

Buttocks resurfacing has the same goal as facial skin resurfacing: to get the body to create new supplies of collagen to make the skin firmer and younger looking. This procedure is sometimes referred to as a laser butt lift. Buttocks resurfacing can also correct stretch marks, skin texture, and even cellulite.

Who Is a Candidate for Non-Surgical Buttocks Enhancement?

As we age our butts begin to sag. Much of this is due to declining collagen production described above, but it also is just a part of aging as our tissues slacken. Dr. Fisher often combines laser butt resurfacing with either a surgical butt lift or with a fat transfer, also called a Brazilian butt lift. This combines skin tightening with more dramatic surgical methods.

Pretty much anyone could use a little tightening of the skin on our backsides. It’s better for a patient to be at or near their ideal weight, as additional weight loss can create more sagging. But laser butt resurfacing doesn’t have any side effects, so it’s safe for anyone except pregnant women.

What Can Buttocks Resurfacing Do for My Skin?

When laser energy is applied to the skin of the buttocks, it penetrates the outer epidermis and enters the dermis where it converts to heat energy. When the body senses heat in the dermis layer this is unusual, so the body assumes there has been a wound. In reality, of course, there is no wound, just the presence of the laser energy. Still, the body initiates a “wound response,” which is to remodel existing collagen in the area and then to produce new collagen with the goal of “healing” the perceived wound. New collagen firms and strengthens the skin over the subsequent weeks and months, while the remodeled existing collagen provides instant tightening. The result is a firmer, less saggy bottom.

What Is the Buttocks Resurfacing Procedure?

The procedure is easy to take. You lie face down on our procedure table and we apply gel to the skin on your bottom. This helps the laser energy penetrate the epidermis, and it provides easier movement of the laser handpiece. We then pass the laser handpiece over the skin across your buttocks using a circular motion. This delivers the laser energy directly downward. Your laser butt resurfacing takes just 20-30 minutes.

In addition to laser resurfacing, Dr. Fisher may also choose to use microneedling or microneedling with radio frequency (Fractora) as well as fillers to correct multiple types of imperfections.

Does Buttocks Resurfacing Hurt and Are There Risks?

This procedure is painless. The laser energy slowly warms the skin and support tissues of your buttocks, but most people find this to be a comfortable and relaxing feeling. Numbing cream is not necessary, and there aren’t any risks involved. For microneedling or fillers, you may choose to apply a topical numbing cream prior to the procedure.

When Will I See Results After My Buttocks Resurfacing?

Some people notice an initial tightening immediately after the procedure, but this varies with different patients. The real tightening comes with the production of new collagen. This occurs over the next six weeks and will lift the buttocks.

How Many Resurfacing Treatments Will I Need to See Improvement in My Skin?

Dr. Fisher recommends an initial series of six weekly laser buttocks resurfacing treatments. This series should be followed by one maintenance session every three months thereafter.

How Long Will My Buttocks Resurfacing Results Last?

You’ll enjoy the lift provided by the new collagen production for several months. But your body is still producing less and less collagen naturally, and that’s why ongoing maintenance treatments are necessary to maintain your firmer bottom.

Can Buttocks Resurfacing Be Combined with Other Procedures?

Dr. Fisher often combines this skin tightening with fat transfer into the buttocks or with a surgical butt lift for some patients. Otherwise, this treatment can be combined with all kinds of other procedures, as it is completely non-invasive and doesn’t require any recovery.

Will I Be Able to Sit down and Work out After My Treatment?

Our laser buttocks resurfacing procedures are completely non-invasive and they don’t make for any recovery period. You can sit down immediately, and you can return to working out or other normal activities without delay.

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