Removing Fillers from previously placed Injections


There may be multiple reasons for wanting filler injections dissolved. For example, a patient may be unhappy with previously placed filler injections by an unqualified provider or someone with a different aesthetic. Other times, a patient may be getting ready to proceed with a surgery such as a facelift, and to best assess the actual state of the facial tissues, it is recommended that the fillers be dissolved in order to make the surgery as effective and long lasting as possible. Sometimes a patient may simply want to change their look, reducing volume in some areas and increasing it and others or undoing an over-filled face.

Fortunately, there is a way to help these situations by the dissolving the filler. Unfortunately, not all fillers can be dissolved and that is why it’s so important to have the appropriate provider make the correct determinations about which fillers to use and in which areas. Fillers that can be dissolved are the ones in the HA (hyaluronic acid) category.

Nodule Removal

Sometimes current fillers or previously-placed fillers can lead to formation of nodules. Nodules or bumps may be the result of:
-poorly placed product
-wrong product for anatomical location
-old type of product prone to forming nodules
-chronic infection
-foreign body immune response

Depending on where nodules are located and how big they are, there may be multiple ways to treat them. Some require surgical excision.

Regardless of your situation with this, Dr. Fisher can evaluate you and formulate a personalized treatment plan.

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