We are proud to offer our award-winning services and the latest advances in cosmetic procedures. We offer a boutique practice with private and personalized consultations by appointment only in order to provide you with the best possible care.

Orna Fisher, MD Services in Palo Alto, CA & San Francisco

Some of our procedures include:

Cosmetic Surgery for the Body

Enhance your beauty with life-changing sculpting or enhancements that improve your balance. Rejuvenate your appearance with treatments to contour your body to restore a more youthful appearance. At your surgical consultation, Dr. Fisher will assess you and you will understand how tailoring cosmetic surgery procedures for the body based on your body type, shape, and desired outcome leads to the most beautiful results.

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Cosmetic Surgery for the Face

There are various options for facial rejuvenation that can create a more attractive or youthful version of yourself, which ultimately results in a more confident you. Some cosmetic procedures reverse time by smoothing and tightening sagging skin while repositioning your tissues to a more youthful and natural position. Others can complement or enhance your features by reshaping your eyelids, nose, ears, or chin.

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Non-surgical Face Rejuvenation & Aesthetic Spa Services

Restore, transform, or maintain your skin and appearance with our aesthetic-enhancing non-surgical spa services. We are equipped with multiple advanced anti-aging technologies. Our injectable procedures decrease wrinkles and fine lines as well as boost lips and cheeks, or other areas depleted of volume for a fuller and more luxurious appearance. The practice also features the full scope of aesthetician services for a complete scope of beautifying skin care.

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With expertise in body and breast cosmetic surgery for both women and men, our focus is on precision and safety with the highest integrity.
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