Female Rejuvenation Procedures

Award-Winning Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Orna Fisher offers a personalized approach to cosmetic surgery. As an award winning plastic surgeon, Dr. Fisher has been praised for her top quality cosmetic surgery and patient care. Recognized for excellence, she makes continuing education and safety a priority. Dr. Fisher is always up to date on the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery.

Female Rejuvenation Procedures we Specialize in:

Cosmetic labiaplasty dramatically improves the appearance of the external female genitalia allowing you to feel younger and sexier.
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Commonly combined with Labiaplasty surgery, Clitoral Hood Reduction can help you achieve an attractive, balanced result that will leave you feeling your best.
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Want a boost in confidence and no more embarrassment when sporting that new swimsuit on the beach? Let Dr. Fisher help you with that.
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As tissues age they lose the elasticity that they once had. V-Lase is here to bring that back.
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Volume loss can happen in areas of the body that you’d never even expect. Rejuvenate your body and enhance your intimacy with labia puffing.
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Let go of your insecurities with a mons lift.
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Our Female Rejuvenation procedures are designed to dramatically boost your self-confidence. With these transformations, you are able to obtain the body you have always wanted and take pride in your body.

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