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Reasons for Breast Augmentation Revision

There a several reasons why a breast augmentation revision may become necessary. In some cases, the reason is that the patient wants to change the type of implant she has. This is not uncommon due to the changes in implant design, and also due to changing trends. One of the recent trends we have witnessed is a turn toward smaller, more natural-looking breasts. However, revision may also be performed to increase implant size. It’s really up to patient preference!

A desire for something different is one reason for breast augmentation revision. In other cases, implants need to be replaced due to structural or aesthetic problems. These include:

  • Capsular contracture, in which the tissue around the implant has hardened. This may deform the implant’s shape.
  • Implant rupture or deflation.
  • Ripples in the outer shell of the implant are visible beneath the skin.
  • “Snoopy nose deformity,” in which breast tissue sags off of the implant. This could be due to laxity or a low-lying nipple covering a higher-situated implant.
  • Implant edges can be seen through the skin.
  • The position of the implant is too low (“bottoming out”).
  • The crease beneath the breast is positioned too low.
  • Too much space between the nipple and the breast crease creates a tubular appearance.
  • The implant sinks below the breast crease (“double-bubble deformity”).
  • The implant has migrated toward the armpit or another area.
  • Implants converge, creating a “uni-boob” appearance.

Breast Revision Before & After

Breast Revision Surgery San Francisco | Breast Revision Palo Alto CA

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Why Do Problems Occur After Breast Augmentation?

Issues such as these do not occur due to anything the patient has done “wrong.” Most often, it is thinning of the skin and natural breast tissue, or stretching of these tissues, that causes changes in the appearance of the augmented breasts. Pregnancy and weight gain followed by loss could be factors related to structural changes. However, there are issues that simply cannot be predicted nor understood in terms of cause, such as capsular contracture.

Breast Revision Approaches

There are several approaches that may be taken in breast augmentation revision. Your Palo Alto cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Fisher, creates a strategy for your particular concerns, expectations, and body shape. Personalized care is necessary to achieve the results that will look best on your body. One particular strategy that has been successful is the use of acellular dermal matrix, or ADM. A common type of matrix is StratticeTM.

What is Strattice™?

StratticeTM is a substitute tissue that provides additional support to your natural breast tissue. It can resolve structural anomolies and has also been said to decrease the risk of capsular contracture.

Why Choose Strattice™ Breast Revision?

The placement of a supportive matrix like StratticeTM may be recommended for revision surgeries in order to decrease the risk of complications down the road. The additional support lowers the chances that you may need another revision surgery in the future.

The Strattice™ Breast Revision Procedure

In most cases, breast augmentation revision is performed by Dr. Fisher at an outpatient surgery center. Like initial breast augmentation, revisions with ADM like StratticeTM are performed under general anesthesia.

What To Expect after Breast Augmentation Revision

While you can expect to be up and walking the day of your procedure, recovery from breast augmentation revision tends to take up to 5 days. Following breast augmentation revision in our Palo Alto facility, you will want a capable adult to be with you for approximately 24 hours. The results of revision may be affected by pregnancy, aging, or weight gain/loss.

Risks of Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast revision augmentation is a surgical procedure similar to the initial breast augmentation surgery. This means there are similar inherent risks.

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Breast Revision San Francisco | Breast Augmentation Revision Palo Alto CA

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