Jamie Gorman

March 14, 2018

I gave Dr. Orna Fisher a rating of six out of five stars! She’s double board certified in plastic surgery, and a true artist when it comes to achieving excellent surgical results. Five months ago, after several years of contemplation and due diligence, I underwent a LipoAbdominoplasty to repair loose, dimply skin from a botched liposuction procedure done years earlier. I felt confident in Dr. Fisher’s expertise as she was highly recommended by several physicians in Silicon Valley. Dr. Fisher prepared me well for surgery, set realistic expectations, and took care in answering my questions.

On the day of surgery and after waking from anesthesia, I was delighted to discover Dr. Fisher had accomplished far more than we previously discussed. While I did experience pain for the initial couple days following surgery, it was well worth it! My tummy looks great, and I’m looking forward to wearing a bikini again this summer.


March 1, 2018

Dr. Fisher’s experience made me feel very comfortable and gave me assurance of having my tummy tuck. It was a pleasure working with Dr. Fisher, I was very happy and pleased with the outcome of my surgery. – 5 Stars


December 11, 2017

The office is comfortable and Doctor Fisher is amazing!

Berenice Hooper

October 18, 2017

Wonderful experience from beginning to end! My results are everything I ever imagined & more!!! Would highly recommend Dr. Orna Fisher to anyone looking to have a breast reduction. She gave me the results I was looking for with this elective procedure.

Kathy A

I had my consultation with Dr Fisher for a breast lift and augmentation. She exceeded my expectations in her consult with me…she took her time and listened to what I wanted. She did the surgery and everything turned out just as we had talked about. Perfect!!!

Panoche CT

I’m so blessed to have Dr. Orna Fisher as my surgeon. She is caring and professional. Out of the three plastic surgeons I visited, she is the best. I’m so happy with my new figure.

Adriana Martinez

Dr. Fisher is an amazing doctor. She was wonderful with me. I’m very pleased with my results. I had a full tummy tuck and I feel and look amazing. My belly button looks awesome and my scar is so light that you can barely see it. I have four kids and I have no stretch marks. Dr. Fisher you are a caring and kind beautiful person with a big heart. I will always be thankful for you and I will never forget all the encouragement you gave me every time you seen me. Thank you

Steph L

I had surgery with Dr. Fisher 2 years ago. Not only is she a lovely woman who spends a lot of time with her patients but my results were fabulous. The scar is flat and thin. I highly recommend her and would go to her again.

Alyssa Knapp

Dr. Fisher was so attentive and kind, and she did an incredible job on my surgery. I never thought my scars would look so good!! It’s better than i could have imagined. I would absolutely recommend her

Ceth Puckett

Dr Fisher is my favorite Doctor, from the moment I first walked into her gorgeous office she had my trust. I was cared for as though I was her only patient, I had 2 wonderful visits with her prior to surgery day and on surgery day I was reassured I was in great hands. Dr Fisher and her team did a beautiful job on my new sexy male chest, 6 weeks post op and I am still in disbelief of the perfect work and care I got. I will always recommend this surgeon and always keep updated with her. Thank you for changing my life Dr. Fisher. We love you!

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