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Dr. Orna Fisher offers a personalized approach to cosmetic surgery. As an award winning plastic surgeon, Dr. Fisher has been praised for her top quality cosmetic surgery and patient care. Recognized for excellence, she makes continuing education and safety a priority. Dr. Fisher is always up to date on the latest advancements in cosmetic plastic surgery.

Body Sculpting Procedures we Specialize in:

If you have stretched abdominal skin that sags or hangs, improve your tone and contour with our sculpting tummy tuck procedure.
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Arm lifts are one of our contouring procedures and result in a tighter look for no more “bat wings” and a more youthful arm contour.
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Cosmetic labiaplasty dramatically improves the appearance of the external female genitalia allowing you to feel younger and sexier.
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Ideal for male flanks, female saddle bags, and small stubborn abdominal areas, our technique is able to quickly sculpt your body by removing localized stubborn fat deposits that diet and exercise don’t.
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Restore your body to pre-pregnancy form with a personalized package of procedures specifically designed for you.
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Complete your body transformation with body contouring procedures that remove excess stretched skin and reshape your body.
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Vanquish ME is a non-invasive fat reduction technology. Vanquish ME uses a novel type of radiofrequency which targets a large area simultaneously, allowing for circumferential fat reduction of the abdomen and flanks. Unlike other technologies that can only target a small area of fat by contacting the skin, Vanquish ME can reduce fat from a larger area without any skin contact.
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Our procedures for your body are designed to dramatically boost your self-confidence. With our body transformations you are able to obtain your best body.

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