Men’s Services

All surgical and non-surgical procedures apply to men, but some procedures are more specifically suited for the male patient and most importantly, require specific aesthetics and artistry for masculine facial features and body characteristics.

Non-invasive procedures such as botox can decrease the angry or tense look, providing a younger and more rested appearance. As with all procedures tailored for men, there are specific injection techniques for male patients.
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Lose those love handles or further sculpt your abdomen. Liposuction is ideal for reducing male flanks. Abdominal etching can define your musculature if you are almost there or you have plateaued with diet and exercise.
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Male breast reduction can be life-changing. No more loose shirts or embarrassment at the pool. (Link to gynecomastia page.
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Eye lifts, whether for excess skin of the upper eyelids or for “bags” under the eyes, can shave years off of your appearance.
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In males there is a particular balance between the nose and the chin. Many men benefit from nose reshaping, chin enhancement, or a combination of both.
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