I am incredibly pleased with the result and overall experience I had with Dr. Fisher and her team. I am 26 years old and never thought I would have a breast reduction at my age as it seems less common. The usual concerns crossed my mind and have kept me from having surgery all this time, but I am relieved and SO pleased to have gone through with the surgery and to have it done by Dr. Fisher. I also have to mention, this was the first surgery of any kind I ever had and the whole experience went very well. She has done an amazing job from the very start. From explaining, reassuring, and addressing all my concerns clearly, to achieving an absolutely beautiful result. Everyone who has seen me so far is amazed with the result and I could not be happier and more comfortable with myself. So grateful!

From pre-op through recovery, Dr. Fisher has been on top of everything and available whenever I had a question or concern. She was easy to contact and demonstrated care for me as a patient. She fit me in her schedule whenever I needed to see her and never made me feel uncomfortable. She gave detailed instructions for me to follow and do my part at home in order to achieve the best result possible following surgery. This surgery was was covered by insurance but knowing appearance was a major concern for me, Dr. Fisher also prioritized making them look as perfect as possible. About 6 weeks post op, I was able to take the tape off and the scars are so thin and are already fading. I am amazed by the skill Dr. Fisher has and so grateful with how careful and meticulous she was when performing this procedure on me. Her team was just as amazing, they were always easy to reach and always got back to me within a reasonable time to answer any question I had. I would highly recommend Dr. Fisher to anyone considering a breast reduction.

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