Procedure Pricing

This page is designed to assist you with navigating costs of cosmetic plastic surgery in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The cost of procedures dobe in the operating room have the following fee components: Procedure fees, and Facility +/- Anesthesia fees.

During your consultation with Dr. Fisher she will assess you and discuss your goals. A personalized treatment plan is developed for you and an official quote is provided after consultation with Dr. Fisher.

Fee ranges for more commonly performed procedures are listed below. These are general ranges and do not include facility and anesthesia fees. Those fees may vary by facility. Only your official quote will list total expected costs.

Consultation fee- $125. May be used toward treatment or procedure.


Breast Augmentation San Francisco

Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck-$6000-8000. Varies based on type of tummy tuck you are a candidate for. 

Breast augmentation– $5000-7500. Varies based on implants and technique.

Mastopexy-augmentation (breast lift with implants)8000-10,500. Varies based on implants and technique.

Breast reduction/breast lift– $6000-7000

Gynecomastia/Top surgery-$6000-7000

Labiaplasty +/- clitoral hood reduction– $5000-6500

Mommy makeoverrange depends on combination of procedures performed. Minimum $10,000.

Liposuction single small area– $3000. Additional areas- minimum of $1800 per area. Liposuction may or may not require anesthesia fees.

Fat transfer- $4000-10,000. Depends on area, technique, and extent of procedure.

BodyTite (RFAL)Minimum $4000.

Face Procedures San Francisco


Upper eyelids– $3000
Complete periorbital rejuvenation-$7000-10,000
Facelift +/- necklift– $8000-20,000. Depends on technique and extent.

Fat transfer– $4000-6000
FaceTite– $3000 minimum
Morpheus8 (Microneedling with radio frequency) per area- $1200 minimum
Microneedling– $900-$1200

Injectables San Francisco


Dr. Fisher uses all US-approved injectable products, and performs basic and advanced injection techniques, including liquid facelift and non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Cost depends on your personalized treatment plan, products required, and amount of product. Artistry is a given and as you are having your injection procedures done by a board-certified plastic surgeon, attention to detail, safety, and comfort are also primary concerns.

Neuromodulators (Jeuveau/Newtox, Botox, Dysport):
Cost per number of area
HA fillers– Restylane/Juvederm products, $650 minimum, includes advanced numbing. Cost depends on product and number of syringes. Package pricing available.
Radiesse– $800 minimum, depends on amount of product, area treated, and number of syringes. Package pricing available.
Sculptra– minimum $900, package pricing available

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