Enjoy nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation at Elite Transformations

There are many factors that occur that can affect the vaginal tissues, including pregnancy, childbirth, and aging. While most women accept that these changes are part of their journey, others are discovering that there are ways to address these issues and feel more confident in their own skin. At Elite Transformations, Dr. Orna Fisher and… Read More »

Where can Palo Alto, CA area patients get gender affirmation surgery performed?

The transition from one gender to another is a distinct journey. For many men and women, changing their gender is more than just the physical aspect of their anatomy—it can involve legal, cosmetic, hormonal, and emotional changes. Dr. Orna Fisher of Elite Transformations in Palo Alto, California is excited to offer patients gender affirmation surgery… Read More »

Three ways to address back rolls and bra rolls

Back rolls and bra rolls. They can be very embarrassing, especially when women are wearing tighter tops that show every bump and curve. Thankfully, there are solutions! Dr. Orna Fisher at Elite Transformations understands how back rolls, bra fat, and other imperfections of the chest area, armpit, and back can make people feel. This is… Read More »

Solutions for eye bags and sagging eyelids

As we age, we begin to notice the sagging of the skin on the face. This includes sagging of the eyelids and the development of bags under the eyes due to the displacement of fat pads—causing us to look older than we really feel. To change the appearance of the eyes and drastically improve this… Read More »

What to do about excess body fat

Diet and exercise can only accomplish so much when it comes to addressing areas of excess body fat. If you have been eating right and increasing your exercise, but have not seen an improvement in the midsection, it may be necessary to speak to a plastic surgery about options for removing excess body fat in… Read More »

Solutions for sagging neck skin

Aging is unavoidable, but it doesn’t mean that it has to be tolerated. With continued advances in plastic surgery, patients have a variety of ways to combat the signs of aging and maintaining their youthful appearance longer. Men and women in the Palo Alto, California area who are interested in learning about ways to address… Read More »

Solutions for back rolls

While diet and exercise is appropriate for improving overall health, stamina, endurance, and body size, there are many areas of the body that are not always as responsive to these changes. Fat cells can develop on certain areas of the body and may be extremely hard to effectively target. This includes fat that develops around… Read More »

How to address vaginal concerns

Dr. Orna Fisher of Palo Alto, CA is a plastic surgeon in the community who is pleased to provide a wide range of solutions for men and women, including surgical and nonsurgical options. When women are interested in enhancing their appearance for self-confidence or sexual health, our team can assist in choosing the procedure right… Read More »

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