Rhinoplasty | San Francisco CA

New Year, New Nose

This year, we’re focusing on feeling better about ourselves, and spending the whole year in pursuit of that goal. So, if your one goal is finally saying goodbye to the nostrils that bother you, or the tip of the nose that kids always seem to make fun of, keep reading. It’s time to learn about… Read More »

Breast Implants Palo Alto CA

Breast Implants: Are They For Me?

Breast implants and breast augmentation are popular treatments in today’s world. We’re more self-conscious, partly because we show so much of ourselves to the world now. We don’t think that people should strive for a robotic ideal, but we do understand the self-consciousness that is due to breasts that are frustratingly small or misshapen. And… Read More »

Clear + brilliant Laser San Francisco, CA

Clear+Brilliant Skin for the New Year

When it comes to our skin, we are always striving for a youthful face. That means we want fewer wrinkles and more plump skin that looks healthy and free of texture or tone issues. While we can’t always get what we want, the Clear+Brilliant laser is a great way to give us the skin we’ve… Read More »

Injectable Procedures San Francisco CA

Types of Fillers for Quick Results

November came quickly this year, and we’re getting ready for all the parties and festivities left in 2018. We’re shopping for parties, tracking down gifts, preparing dinner menus, and trying to fit in time to rest and relax. It might all seem a little crazy, but for those people who love to be busy and… Read More »

Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation San Francisco, CA

Quick Treatments for Halloween

What’s your favorite part about autumn? Whether it’s the smell of crunching leaves underfoot or the cozy nights spent with a blanket and tea, or something else, there are so many things we love about fall. We’re ready to put summer to rest and move on to the next. One of the things that end… Read More »

Rhinoplasty | San Francisco CA

Facelift FAQs

There comes a day where some of us look into the mirror and don’t quite recognize who we’re looking at. Where is that young twenty-three year-old who could stay out until four in the morning and not wear a stitch of makeup? But don’t worry. We can help ease and erase the mistakes of the… Read More »

Hair Restoration San Francisco, CA

What Can Help with Hair Loss?

Summer is leaving us here in the Northern Hemisphere, which means that it’s time to pull out all those warmer clothes from storage. You may love that cozy sweater weather, but how do you feel when you start pulling the winter hats out of boxes? Are you excited to cover your head with a beanie… Read More »

Asian Eyelid Surgery San Francisco, CA

Asian Eyelid Surgery FAQs

We love all people and appreciate the differences each of us bring to the table. There’s a beauty in everyone, and we truly believe that maintaining your unique look is a great way to have a happy, successful life. That being said, we all find little things about our appearance that we would like to… Read More »

Skin Care San Francisco CA

Why Do I Need to wear Sunscreen?

So many patients of ours come in for some of the best treatments available, and we love seeing the results they get. But did you know that some of our very favorite patients aren’t doing all they can do to get the best results from their anti-aging treatments like Fractora skin resurfacing or microneedling? What… Read More »

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