Massive Weight Loss and Body Contouring

Massive Weight Loss Body Contouring Palo Alto, CAIt’s an extremely rewarding feeling to lose a dramatic amount of weight through diet and exercise or after bariatric surgery. You look and feel better, and you can do many things now that your larger body prohibited you from doing before. But for some, this rewarding feeling also comes with a type of hopelessness due to sagging skin that gets left behind. Skin that doesn’t conform to your body can be a daily reminder of your past self. That’s why many choose body contouring as a way to make themselves feel like the entire weight loss journey is complete.

Body Contouring Defined

The term body contouring refers to a process by which your plastic surgeon focuses on the areas of your body that have loose skin after significant weight loss, most commonly the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms and breasts. The abdomen tends to be the biggest source of contention for patients because extreme weight loss can leave behind an overhanging apron of skin in the front called a “pannus”. This prohibits clothes from fitting properly, can cause rashes and irritation, and can bring on lower back pain.  Body contouring removes this sagging skin in an effort to provide a more proportionate looking body.

Who Can Benefit from Body Contouring?

You’re likely a good candidate for body contouring if you fit into any of the following categories:

  • You’ve lost an excessive amount of weight through bariatric surgery or via diet and exercise.If you’re a gastric bypass surgery patient, you should be as close to our goal weight as possible before undergoing body contouring. And if you’ve lost weight due to diet and exercise, your doctor may recommend that you wait at least a year before having the procedure to make sure your weight remains stable.
  • The skin in your neck, arms, abdomen, breasts and thighs sags significantly.
  • You are in good health with no serious medical conditions like heart disease or diabetes
  • You don’t smoke, as smoking can interfere with the healing process and provide greater risk of complications as your body tries to heal.
  • You know that results won’t happen overnight. Body contouring requires a long recovery time, but if you’re prepared for this upfront, you can be better about being patient as you heal.

To ensure you have a good experience with plastic surgery, think about the parts of your body that bother you the most. Are these areas troubling enough to warrant plastic surgery? Talk with your doctor about the areas on your body that affect you the most so you can have a production consultation before making any final decisions.

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