Melt Away Fat with Non-Invasive Vanquish Procedure

Vanquish Non-invasive Fat Reduction Palo Alto CA

Reduce your waist without surgery

Aptly named, Vanquish will defeat any fat areas that you want to disappear. But being an FDA-approved body contouring procedure that makes your fat melt away is not even the end of the good news about Vanquish. Unlike liposuction, it’s non-invasive — using radiofrequency to heat and permanently destroy fat cells.

“Vanquish is completely nonsurgical. It doesn’t touch you and that actually makes it unique among the noninvasive technologies because most of them have an applicator that goes directly on to the skin unlike Vanquish,” explained Dr. Orna Fisher. “The other thing that makes Vanquish different is that it allows for circumferential fat loss. As opposed to homing in on just one area, Vanquish covers your body on the back or on the front. It’s able to circumferentially kill fat allowing you to be slimmer in that entire area.”

So, are you a good candidate for this miracle body sculpting technique? According to Dr. Fisher, optimal body types for Vanquish can’t be too thin or too obese. The procedure is best suited for those who would like to see between 10 to 20 lbs. disappear.

“You must have enough fat to have the Vanquish procedure performed so there has to be at least 1.5 centimeters of fat under the skin. If you don’t have enough fat, you are not a good candidate. If somebody has a little more fat than 1.5 centimeters, they may be a candidate for Vanquish but the outcome won’t be visible because they may already be too thin,” said Dr. Fisher. “If one is morbidly obese, removing a small amount of fat at 1.5 centimeters under the skin might be measurable with a tape measure but it won’t change your appearance to the naked eye.”

Dr. Fisher believes Vanquish is a great procedure for those who are in need of a little motivation. “Vanquish serves as a jumpstart for someone who is, by their own assessment, a little bit overweight and could improve their lifestyle with a better diet, a new way of eating or an exercise program,” said Dr. Fisher, who noted it works well on the flank and lower abdomen area as well as on love handles.

This weight loss “jumpstart” is an easy procedure that is both pain-free and requires zero downtime. Vanquish’s innovative technique involves a device that is placed over a patient’s trouble spots while they are laying down and an advanced radio frequency technology targets and heats an area approximately 1.5 centimeters under the skin.

“It makes you feel very warm and most people actually fall asleep during the procedure,” explained Dr. Fisher of Vanquish’s non-invasive properties. In addition to being pain-free, it’s relatively quick and easy. To be most effective, Vanquish requires four sessions which is equal to one treatment. Ideally those sessions, which last 60 to 90 minutes each, must take place two to four weeks apart.

Another advantage to Vanquish is that “it doesn’t target skin or muscle. It only targets fat, killing a layer of fat uniformly under the skin. Once those fat cells die they undergo a natural process of removal, which is something that our body does when any cells die, and is cleared out by our body’s lymphatic system,” said Dr. Fisher. “The results are similar to liposuction in the sense that space has been created where the fat has been killed and ultimately it has to shrink down creating a slimmer you.”

Seeing the slimmer you will happen about two months after a patient’s last session, at which time a patient should be able to see their newly sculpted body’s final shape. 

As for sustaining the figure flattering results of Vanquish there is a level of personal responsibly to follow to maintain the result. “Because the result is subtler than liposuction, it’s that much more important to have healthful habits,” said Dr. Fisher. “As long as you maintain your healthy lifestyle and understand that we still age and we can still gain weight if we don’t do our part, your results from Vanquish will last.”

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