Taking Control of your Holiday Food Cravings

Body Sculpting San Francisco | Palo Alto CAThe scene is familiar: you arrive at your work Christmas party and start to graze at the dessert table as you chat with your coworker. The conversation ends, and you realize that you’ve been mindlessly eating for the last twenty-five minutes. You saw your favorite food, fudge brownies, and couldn’t resist. Cravings can make the holidays unsettling or outright chaotic for some. Here are some simple ways to manage those holiday cravings while still having a good time.

Practice self-care

It’s strange that we need a reminder to take good care of ourselves, so here it is: Instead of rewarding yourself with a candy bar or chocolate sundae, treat yourself to a massage, get a pedicure, or buy a new book from your local book store. If you’re taking good care of yourself, you may not feel the need to reward your stomach with sugary or carb-laden foods.

Eat the right carbs

It’s common for many of us to crave high sugar and high fat treats. We understand that when we give our bodies carbohydrates, it can make us feel less anxious or calms us down. Instead, de-stress while nourishing your body by opting for “smart carbs.” These come in the form of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and beans. These options will provide you with the carbs you crave while providing a nutritional punch.

Keep a cravings journal

If food cravings are a constant struggle, start keeping a cravings journal for 30 days. List when you feel your cravings, what you are craving, how much you ate, and your emotional state. At the end of the month, search for any patterns that stick out to you. For instance, did you crave sugar only during certain times of the day? Are there particular emotions that always led to intense cravings? If you understand the source and nature of your cravings, it will help you manage them.

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