Breast Implants: Are They For Me?

Breast Implants Palo Alto CABreast implants and breast augmentation are popular treatments in today’s world. We’re more self-conscious, partly because we show so much of ourselves to the world now. We don’t think that people should strive for a robotic ideal, but we do understand the self-consciousness that is due to breasts that are frustratingly small or misshapen. And though new breasts won’t crush self-esteem issues, they may help you feel better and lead you on your way to better self-esteem. Keep reading to learn more about breast augmentation, implants, and what you need to know before you have implants.

Type of Implants

There are two types of implants: saline and silicone. There are pros and cons for each. Saline can be naturally absorbed by the body in case the implant is damaged or ruptures. The incision (and thus the scar) for saline implants is smaller, since the implant is filled after it has been placed in your body. Silicone implants will need to be surgically removed if the implant ruptures. You may like silicone implants better, for how they feel. It all depends on you and your preferences.

Where to Place Your Incision

We can help you decide the best place for your incision, to minimize how visible it is to you and others. Did you know that you can choose to have your incision located in the armpit, at the base of the nipple, or in the fold underneath the breast?

Where to Place Your Implants

Yes, there’s more to consider! We can place your implants beneath or on top of the chest muscle. Implants beneath the muscle have a lower risk of capsular contracture, which means that scar tissue forms around the implant and leads to a tightening sensation.

The implant can also be placed under the breast tissue, but on top of the chest muscle. This may be preferable because you can have an easier recovery from surgery, though it can also pose issues during your routine mammograms.

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