New Areas for Fillers

We love fillers, and we don’t imagine a world where we’d ever give them up. Not only do give us the best results, but they don’t need nearly as much downtime as other treatments. Even if you’ve had fillers or Botox regularly, we bet there’s at least one way to use them that you haven’t heard of yet. Keep reading to test your knowledge of how fillers can improve your look. You may even want to try one out during your next appointment!

Jaw Slim

Do you grind your jaw at night or when you’re stressed? It can lead to an enlarged jaw muscle that you may not be so happy about. Inject Botox into the masseter muscle to slim down your face.

Smooth and Lift

Inject a small amount of filler into the hollows around the temples to help lift sagging cheeks.

Nose Job Replacement

Fillers can be used to balance the nose or even adjust the tip of your nose, saving you from going under the knife. Fillers are also a great way to “try out” a nose job and see what it will look like before splurging on a procedure.

New Smile

Adding a teeny bit of Botox into the area just beneath the nostrils can lower the upper lip enough to cover up a smile that shows too much of your upper gums.

Eyebrow Boost

Looking for a little more from your brows? We can use Botox to raise or lower the arch of your brow to give you the look you want.

Stop Scarring

Do you have a cat? Sometimes a cut can occur on your face, and that is not something we want to leave a scar. Using a little filler around the area can help it heal better, so it can leave a less visible scar.

Short Term Plans

After your Botox appointment, you may experience slight swelling or bruising, which is completely normal for a few days. It will take a few days to see your results, and it may take up to five days to see the best results from your Botox. Plan ahead at least a week or two, so you can have the best results from your Botox and fillers.

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