Could You Benefit from Brow Lift Surgery?

Browlift Palo Alto CAMany women are bothered by sagging eyebrows, which can create a sad or tired appearance. This may also be coupled with deep horizontal creases along the forehead, furrow lines between the eyebrows, or excess fatty tissue that hangs over the eyes. If you’re bothered by the wrinkles and frown lines on your face, you may want to consider a brow lift (browplasty.)

This procedure is an excellent way to tighten the soft tissues of your forehead, essentially reversing the effects of gravity.  The result is a smoother contour to your forehead and upper eyelids. It also effectively raises the eyebrows to evoke a more alert, youthful and friendlier appearance.  Thousands of people elect to have brow lift surgery each year with pleasing results.

How A Browlift is Done

There are a variety of methods for performing a brow lift. Each involves incisions that vary in length and location. A Classic Lift involves one long incision that begins at your ears and goes up around your hair line. An Endoscopic Lift is a procedure by which shorter incisions are made to the scalp, followed by inserting a scope into one of the cuts and inserting another tool into another incision to make the necessary adjustments. Because there are smaller incisions involved in an Endoscopic Lift, this procedure provides less scarring and a shorter recovery.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Before you undergo a brow lift procedure, it’s important for you to be in good health with a positive attitude and realistic expectations. If any of the followings apply to you, brow lift surgery may be beneficial:

  • Frown lines between your eyes
  • Sagging brow that takes conveys a sad or tired expression
  • Center of your brow sags and makes you look angry
  • In women, trouble to apply eye makeup to your upper lid because of drooping tissue that covers the area

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