Is Chin Augmentation Right for You?

Chin Augmentation San Francisco | Palo Alto CAA weak looking chin can make your neck look flabby or your nose appear too large. For many, chin augmentation is an effective way to enhance an otherwise receding chin by altering the size, shape and projection of the chin while balancing it with the size and shape of the nose.

Who is a Good Candidate?
Men and women alike look to chin augmentation to improve their appearance. The best candidates for this include individuals who:

  • Feel like they look older than they are. With aging comes sunken flatter cheeks and a diminishing chin area. Chin augmentation helps redefine your neckline and tighten loose skin for a firmer, more youthful looking face.
  • Have a jaw and teeth that function properly. If your jaw and teeth are functioning well but your chin appears weak, chin augmentation can be an ideal way to achieve the look you desire.
  • Are in overall good health.  to avoid the risk of infection post-surgery. A strong immune system is crucial in order to prevent infection.
  • Desire a more masculine looking face. Men especially want a strong, masculine chin because it makes them feel more attractive.
  • Want better cheek/chin balance. A weak chin can make a perfectly sized nose appear too big. In general, chin augmentation is done in conjunction with nose jobs (rhinoplasty) to create better balance. However, this isn’t true for every patient. Talk with your doctor about the procedure or combination of procedures that are right for you.

Chin augmentation continues to grow in popularity, providing a permanent alternative to fillers and grafting. 

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