Blepharoplasty Basics

Blepharoplasty San Francisco CADo you have baggy eyelids that make you appear tired, worn out, and older than you are? Blepharoplasty also referred to as eyelift surgery, can decrease bagginess and excess skin in the eyelids. This type of surgery is typically done for cosmetic purposes, but it may be needed if upper eyelids get in the way of proper vision.

Eyelid Aging

As we age, our skin gradually loses elasticity. A decrease in elasticity plus the persistent pull of gravity can cause the skin to gather on the lower and upper eyelids. Extra skin can create unwanted wrinkles and bulges, and in extreme cases inhibit vision.

Are You a Good Eyelid Surgery Candidate?

The best candidates for eyelift surgery are those with realistic expectations. During a consultation with your doctor, you can discuss the risks and benefits of the operation along with your goals. Although eyelift surgery may not be able to perfectly create your ideal look, it can certainly increase your confidence and improve your appearance. Eyelift surgery candidates are in general good health and are 35 years or older. If drooping eyelids run in your family, you may opt to get the surgery earlier.

Eyelift Surgery Results

Your eyes will always naturally age, but the results of an upper eyelift surgery can last from five to seven years. Surgery on the lower eyelids rarely needs fixing. If you find your eyelids are sagging again, what you might need is a forehead lift instead of a second eyelift surgery.

How to Prepare

Arrange to have someone drive you home after your eyelid surgery. It is also helpful to have someone stay overnight with you to assist you. A plan by arranging to take several days off work. Some patients experience dry eyes after eyelift surgery, but this typically dissipates within two weeks. Have the following ready for you when you return from your surgery: ice cubes, an ice pack, gauze pads, clean washcloths, and over the counter pain killers.

Schedule a Consultation

If you have baggy or drooping eyelids, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with Dr. Fisher today. You can learn more by contacting our office !

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