Treatments Available for Addressing the Jowls

Palo Alto, CA area patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their lower facial area, including the jowls and neck, want to work with a professional who can provide solutions. At Elite Transformations, our plastic surgeon, Dr. Orna Fisher, offers a wide selection of surgical and non-surgical approaches to enhancing the face and body. When patients want to make a change to their chin, jowls, and neck, they are encouraged to speak with our team about options available.

The formation of jowls and sagging skin around the chin and neck may be improved with one or more of the following treatment options available at Elite Transformations:

  • Facelift – facelifts are great for patients who have not only concerns with the lower half of the face, but those with issues throughout the facial area. Because the facelift is performed along the hairline, it can address many problems with one treatment. It can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by addressing excess skin and sagging skin. When these areas are “lifted,” they can reduce an aging appearance and turn back the hands of time!
  • Neck lift (rhytidectomy) – for patients specifically concerned about the neck area, a neck lift, or “rhytidectomy” may be recommended. This procedure can address the entire area around the chin, jowls, and neck with one procedure. The neck lift can be performed in conjunction with other treatments such as the facelift.
  • FaceTite – for patients with mild to moderate formation of jowls and wrinkles, a non-surgical approach may be considered. FaceTite is a treatment that utilizes a radio frequency device to help in stimulating collagen production and tightening the soft tissues of the face and neck. This treatment does not require surgery but improves patients’ skin tone, laxity, and texture.

Consider the benefits of treatments for the jowls at Elite Transformations

If you are troubled by the appearance of your jowls, Dr. Orna Fisher and her team encourage you to book a consultation with our staff to discuss the treatment options available for improvement. Men and women are welcome to start working with our staff to improve their appearance and address common skin and body concerns.

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