Should I Stop Trying To Look Younger?

Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation San Francisco, CACosmetic procedures are most often associated with men and women who are trying to slow the signs of aging. Is there a point at which a person should allow the aging process to evolve? You might be surprised by the answer.

The Modern Definition of Aging

For most of human history, the word aging implied a progressive change that a person simply accepted as part of life. With the emergence of cosmetic procedure, the definition of aging has become a bit more fluid. Even men and women in their 20s can have dermal fillers and injectables to prolong their youthful appearances. Patients now have many options for slowing and reducing the effects of getting older.

The New Golden Years

At 65 years old, most people are beginning their retirement years. It may seem that appearance becomes less significant, but this is not the case. Men and women may choose to allow the natural grey hair to come through, but lines and wrinkles continue to be of concern. Just a few years ago, patients between 51 and 64 accounted for almost 25% of all surgical cosmetic procedures and more than one-third of non-surgical treatments. Forecasting shows that as baby boomers continue to get older, these statistics will continue to rise. Even after age 65, men and women are seeking plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures.

Popular Cosmetic Procedures for Older Patients

Believe it or not, facelift surgery is not the most popular anti-aging solution that is chosen by older patients. Dermal fillers and injectables come in at number one with eyelid surgery placing second. This trend demonstrates that people who are 50 years or older want to look younger yet prefer the most conservation approach possible. They may opt for less significant surgeries to postpone facelifts.

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