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At Elite Transformations in Palo Alto, CA, men and women experiencing hair thinning and loss are often interested in learning about the procedures they can use to improve their self-confidence. With today’s amazing technology, our team of professionals are pleased to offer modern techniques to achieve thicker, fuller hair. With the use of platelet-rich plasma, our team can stimulate hair growth and ensure amazing results!

What is PRP hair restoration?

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. This is an element in human blood that can be extracted and injected into the patient’s own body. By injecting PRP into the scalp, the body will naturally jumpstart the production of hair in the treatment area. Platelet-rich plasma for hair restoration has become one of the most popular treatments available in our practice.

How is PRP extracted?

Platelet-rich plasma is naturally occurring in blood. To extract PRP from the patient’s body, a blood draw is performed. The blood extracted during this visit is then placed in a centrifuge, a device that spins the blood and extracts different elements from within. The PRP can be removed from the blood, purified, and reinjected into the patient’s body where hair regrowth is needed. This treatment is completely safe, and eliminates the chance of any allergic reaction as the patient’s own blood is used to achieve results.

Who is a candidate for PRP hair restoration?

Most adult patients who are experiencing thinning or loss of hair on the scalp and are of good overall health are considered viable candidates for PRP hair restoration. Dr. Orna Fisher encourages patients to schedule their first consultation with her to undergo a thorough evaluation to determine if PRP is appropriate.

Encourage natural hair growth using PRP hair restoration techniques!

If you live in or around the San Francisco Bay area and are ready to discuss hair restoration techniques for thinning and loss, we welcome you to book an appointment with Dr. Orna Fisher of Elite Transformations. Our practice is equipped with the latest technologies and techniques to help patients look and feel their best. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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