What Can Help with Hair Loss?

Hair Restoration San Francisco, CASummer is leaving us here in the Northern Hemisphere, which means that it’s time to pull out all those warmer clothes from storage. You may love that cozy sweater weather, but how do you feel when you start pulling the winter hats out of boxes? Are you excited to cover your head with a beanie or other warm headgear? If you have a love-hate relationship with hats, then keep reading. We have some options to help you love your scalp again.

Medications for Hair Restoration

We can provide some options off the bat to help with hair loss, but we really recommend seeing a doctor before you spend too much time and money on hair loss remedies.

Hair loss can be caused by stress, health issues, or new medications. Or, it could be male pattern baldness. Where you’re losing hair gives us clues as to what is going on, and what is causing the loss. Once we help you determine what is causing your hair loss, we can help formulate a plan of action for you and your specific situation.

If you have male pattern baldness, and have already seen a doctor to confirm it, then you have two options if you want to go the medicinal route: Rogaine and Propecia. Keep reading, because there’s more than that, too!


You have probably heard of Rogaine, the over-the-counter drug for men and women who are losing their hair. It must be used regularly to maintain results, and you might need four months to start showing progress.


You will need a prescription to acquire Propecia, which is a drug that may benefit you if Rogaine isn’t cutting it. Generally, Rogaine is recommended first (because it is generally less expensive and easier to acquire).


One amazing way to boost hair growth is through the use of PRP or platelet-rich plasma. If you have tried medications but don’t want to undergo surgery, then this is a great option. It is a treatment that must be done by a professional, but you aren’t sedated and there’s no surgery involved. In fact, the blood we take is far less than what you would give when you donate blood!

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