Give your Vagina a Facelift with New V-Lase Procedure

V-Lase Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Palo Alto CA“I can’t say it’s the fountain of youth but it may be, it does take some years off,” said Dr. Orna Fisher of V-Lase, a procedure which addresses numerous issues involving the vaginal area. “A lot of women have issues with general dryness, vaginal atrophy and laxity, recurring infections, and mild urinary incontinence, and V-Lase offers a nonsurgical way to make those tissues become more responsive and feel more like they used to.”

Candidates for V-Lase are typically women anywhere between their 20s and 70s, but the average patient is in their 40s, 50s and 60s. “V-Lase is for any woman who has some involuntary bladder leakage or feels like she has vaginal laxity or looseness as a result of childbirth. But other conditions such as vaginal dryness can happen with the onset of menopause. All of these conditions, resulting from aging, childbirth and menopause, can be helped by V-Lase.”

V-Lase is a laser technique that heats up tissues in the vagina, which stimulates the end growth of blood vessels to support tissue growth. In turn, that increases the thickness or vascularity of the tissue, achieving the desired result of making the vaginal lining thicker and more hydrated.

The advantage of V-lase over other modalities is its laser technique. “Some of the other options use radio frequency, which isn’t always predictable, whereas, a laser tends to be more predictable in terms of how it creates the heat,” said Dr. Fisher. “The other advantage of this particular laser is it is non-ablative, which means it doesn’t burn the tissues. There are other technologies out there that do burn the tissue. I do not think that’s as safe and it predisposes to infections, scarring, and we certainly don’t want that. You want something that is painless and allows for a predictable outcome.”

Performed in three treatments, each taking 20 minutes, there’s no recovery time necessary after a V-Lase treatment. In addition, Dr. Fisher recommends that the procedure be repeated one to two times a year for a refresh.

“You’re in, out and you are done,” explained Dr. Fisher of the ease of procedure. “Because it’s a non-ablative laser and doesn’t cause any burning, it just heats the deeper tissues and that heat causes the stimulation which doesn’t have an immediate effect. That means for the tissues and the blood vessels to grow in and for the mucosa to thicken and start acting the way it’s supposed to, it will take time and that’s why there are three treatments. We stimulate it and then we allow it to happen, and then we do it again and again.”

In addition to zero recovery time, there are no side effects with V-Lase. Only the outer third of the vaginal canal has sensation and the majority of the procedure is performed on the inner two-thirds. “On the inner two-thirds there’s absolutely nothing a patient will feel. There’s no pain and once you get to the outer one-third there will be a sensation of heat but it shouldn’t be painful,” said Dr. Fisher.

Patients will see the full effects of V-Lase within two to three months of having the full procedure, and there should also be some mild incremental improvements after a couple of weeks following each one.

“We may want to call V-Lase the fountain of youth, but we can’t make somebody who is 60 all of sudden become 20 again. We can make things better but we can’t completely reverse time,” said Dr. Fisher of the safe and innovative procedure.

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