Elite Transformations Offers “Mommy Makeovers” for Women Ready to Reclaim Their Body After Childbirth

At Elite Transformations, we understand how important it is for women in the Palo Alto, CA area to look great and feel great. With plastic surgery solutions, an improved body is just an appointment away! Dr. Orna Fisher and her team of professionals work with men and women to help them achieve better body contours. One of the most popular solutions for women is the “mommy makeover.”

Mommy makeover explained

The mommy makeover is essentially a combination of procedures that is custom tailored to a patient who is interested in achieving beautiful body contours. It may include one or more of the following solutions:

  • Breast lift
  • Breast augmentation
  • Tummy tuck
  • Liposuction
  • Fat transfer

Pregnancy and weight changes can make a significant change to the body, one that may leave behind excess fat, sagging skin, and smaller breasts. By combining several treatments into a mommy makeover, women achieve results sooner and faster. It eliminates taking extra time off of work, school, and other social activities when compared to having each procedure done as a separate surgery.

Which treatments are right for me?

At Elite Transformations, we will design a custom mommy makeover for a patient’s specific and unique needs. Women who have sagging, deflated breasts from breastfeeding their children may consider a lift. Larger, more voluminous breasts can be achieved by placing breast implants. Women with sagging skin and increased fat in the midsection may consider liposuction, fat transfers, and tummy tucks to target these common problem areas. During a consultation and initial evaluation, Dr. Orna Fisher will take time to help patients pick the treatments that will achieve the results they desire from their surgery.

Improve your self-confidence today with a mommy makeover!

Women who have spent time caring for their children but not themselves are often long overdue a treatment that makes them look and feel their best. With a mommy makeover, women can treat themselves to a plastic surgery that enhances their body even after the changes caused by pregnancy and childbirth. Contact Dr. Orna Fisher of Elite Transformations today to discuss your candidacy for a mommy makeover!

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