Springtime Plastic Surgery

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Spring is a great time for plastic surgery, because the weather is still cool enough to stay indoors to heal (for a reasonable amount of time). In the summer, it can be hard to stay stuck indoors while everyone else is cooling off by the pool. You can still wear bulkier, looser clothing to help conceal wraps or other post-surgery bandages.

The kids are also still in school during spring, so there’s less help needed while you recuperate. And of course, you’re still far enough away from summer vacation, when you will want to be out with the kids, on vacation, or going to neighborhood barbeques and other parties.

Recommended Treatments for Spring

Breast surgery, body contouring, and facial surgery procedures can all be performed with great results in the springtime. Before the hustle and bustle of summer and the hotter temperature arrives, consider how well your New Year’s resolutions went. Did you go off the rails? Maybe you’re so close, but just need a little help to get to where you want to be. A well-timed procedure can move the needle and help you feel more confident when summer strikes.

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Enjoy the summer or get that procedure done? Staying indoors, in an air conditioned home will generally be required to allow yourself the best healing opportunities. You might think about recuperating poolside or in the backyard in the shade. We wouldn’t recommend it.

Did you know that the heat and sun can actually exacerbate prolonged swelling or even bleeding after your surgery?

If you do decide to have surgery during the summer, listen to your surgeon and plan on staying indoors for at least a week, but even longer if necessary. Body contouring procedures like liposuction require abdominal binders or restrictive wrappings to assist recovery, which will not be fun to deal with on a hot day. It is also a bad time for laser resurfacing treatments because that skin must be out of the sun for at least 6 weeks.

If you want to schedule an appointment to improve your appearance before the busyness and skin-baring season is upon us, don’t delay. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get the look you want before summer hits!

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