FAQs: Nose Jobs

Nose Surgery San Francisco, CADo you find yourself looking into rhinoplasty or nose job surgeries, but not sure what’s involved? Find some of our FAQs and their answers below!

When can I sleep on my side after rhinoplasty?

This will vary from patient to patient. All patients will be required to sleep on their backs with their head elevated (on two pillows usually) for at least a week to minimize the swelling. Some may need to continue sleeping on their back for a few weeks longer. We will give you a personal recommendation during your consultation and follow up after your procedure.

How long do rhinoplasty results last?

The results from rhinoplasty should last a lifetime. It is a permanent procedure.

How do I choose my new nose?

Determining how your nose should appear in the mirror and on your face is the most difficult part of this procedure. You should think about what it is that you do not like about your current nose. Is it too big for your face? Is it crooked, or does it have a bump you don’t like? Are your nostrils too large and eye-catching?  You will have a detailed discussion about what you like and what you would like with your physician, who will make recommendations based on your facial structure as well as what you’re aiming for. You may wish to have a certain celebrity’s nose, but a nose that looks great on one face may not look as good on another type of face.

Decisions about what your nose should look like after your procedure are personal and vary from patient to patient. We will discuss aesthetics with you, and we will develop the surgical plan that will best serve your goals. You may want to schedule consultations with multiple surgeons to educate yourself and understand what each provider recommends. Ultimately, you want to make sure that the surgeon understands what you want and explains well how they will achieve the result. You need to understand exactly what is being proposed and that it makes sense to you.

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