Foods that can help your Skin Stay Hydrated this Summer

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Studies show that up to 75% of Americans may suffer from chronic dehydration. With the onset of summer, this can be particularly concerning for your skin. The rule of thumb is to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day for proper hydration. The suggested daily water intake can seem overwhelming, so how can you be sure to get all the water you need for your skin and body to feel it’s best? Celery, cucumbers, and peppers have high water content and are an excellent way to be sure you are consuming enough water.


At only 6 calories per stalk, celery has been playfully lauded as a “negative calorie food.” Cheap, simple to store, and easy to snack on, celery can be surprisingly versatile in its right. With a water content of 95.4%, celery contains vitamins A, C, and K and boasts a descent amount of fiber. For a high protein and high fiber snack, slather some of your favorite nut butter on celery and top with cranberries, raisins, or sesame seeds. Make smoothie overflowing in vitamins and minerals, by combining celery with spinach, lemon, pear, and banana.


Think of cucumbers as the ultimate healthy potato chip. Slice one up and serve with a dollop of hummus and garnish with nuts or cilantro for a satisfying snack. Cucumbers are a great way to round out the nutrition in a smoothie. For a cooling summer, soup blends cucumber, mint, yogurt, and ice. Cucumber boasts the highest water content of any solid food (96.7%) and is a perfect crunchy addition to a dinner salad.


Peppers are fun to cook with because of their beautiful and bright yellow, orange, green, and red hues. Change things up with your vegetable tray by substituting the predictable carrot sticks for pepper slices. Peppers go well in stir fry and add the perfect amount of color to a salad. Coming in with a water content of 93.9%, they should earn a spot on your shopping list this summer.

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