Tummy Tuck Recovery

Tummy Tuck San Francisco, CAIf you’re looking into the tummy tuck procedure, it’s important to consider all aspects of the surgery and how they will affect you. Preparation, recovery, and how the procedure will affect your future lifestyle are all key to making an informed decision about the surgery. Recovery, specifically, will vary and depend on several factors, like your age, overall health, and weight.

It’s understandable that you want to bounce back and go back to work after your surgery, but it’s important that you give your body time enough time to heal. Your body won’t be as quick to recover as your mind wants it to be. Depending on your surgeon and your specifics, you may only need to stay in the hospital for a few hours after the surgery, or we may ask that you stay for a night or more.

Here’s what you need to know about recovery after you leave the hospital and head home.


You will need to figure out a reasonable time frame for your recovery. You want to have plenty of time to heal and can take a break from work or school, for example. Make sure you make the proper arrangements and prepare for your recovery period before the day of your surgery.

You will need to arrange to have someone who can drive you home from the hospital and take care of you for at least the first few days after your procedure. You can shower around two days after you remove your drainage tubes. You can take sponge baths until you can shower. You may be advised to use a chair when showering for some time.

You’ll be prescribed an antibiotic and possibly an anticoagulant. You may be given some type of medication to apply to the skin. Take any pain medication as directed. You shouldn’t take any medicine containing aspirin unless directed by your doctor.

You should also avoid alcohol if you’re taking pain medication, and avoid any form of nicotine for at least six weeks. Smoking can hinder the healing process and may cause complications.

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