Do I Need Sunscreen In The Spring?

Advanced Skin Care San Francisco CASunscreen should be an essential part of your skincare any time of year, even in the spring when the sunlight feels less intense. Even though the temperatures fluctuate from season to season, the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun are consistent throughout the year. Sun damage and other signs of aging can be treated with our advanced skin care treatments, but prevention is always the best option. Here are some little-known facts about springtime sunlight.

Sun Exposure Causes Most Cases of Skin Cancer

Approximately nine out of ten cases of skin cancer are linked to spending too much time in the sunlight. Some types of skin cancer do not spread, but melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer, does spread to surrounding tissues and other areas of your body.

Sunlight in the Spring is Deceiving

Because the outdoor temperatures are cooler in the spring, many people believe that they can spend more time outdoors without sun protection. The UV rays of the sun maintain constant levels throughout the year, so you are putting your skin at greater risk than if you spent a shorter amount of time outdoors during the summer.

The Same Rules Apply to Spring and Summer

You should use at least an SPF 15 sunscreen during the spring, and the best time to apply the product is after your use moisturizers and makeup. If you are outdoors from late morning to early evening, make sure that you spend most of the time in the shade. A hat with a wide brim and clothing that covers your skin helps for those times that you have to be in direct sunlight, such as when you are gardening and planting flowers.

What Can I Do If I Have Sun Damage?

If you have sun damage or signs of aging, our Clear + Brilliant laser facial rejuvenation can address these aesthetic concerns. After the treatment, you should take precautions to prevent any future damage.

Do You Have Sun-Damaged Skin? Contact Elite Transformations.

To learn more about treatments for sun damage, body sculpting, male breast reduction, facelift surgery and our other services, contact Elite Transformations to schedule a consultation with Dr. Orna Fisher at our office in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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